9th Series 50 Satang Thai Banknotes front
9th Series 50 Satang Thai Banknotes back

Appraisal price

  • Ordinary number signature Wiwatchai UNC about 2,000 - 2,100 baht.

    The price was updated on 25th November 2017

    Banknote Info

    This banknote was printed at the suggestion of Khun Samaharnhitakhadi, minister of finance, after his official trip to Japan and China. The minister of finance placed orders with Thomas de la Rue in 1941, shortly before the outbreak of the WW2. The banknotes had been printed but were stored at the company because of the war and delivered to Thailand after the end of the war.

    This 50 Satang banknote was announced on January 26th, 1948.

    Banknote size

    6.30 x 11.50 cm.

    Serial code

    Z 1 - Z 20, Z 81 - Z 100, Y 1 - Y 100


    The main object is the constitution placed on a pedestal tray surrounded by a guilloche design. The upper center is the Garuda. The 3 headed elephant ai at the lower right corner.


    The main object is the Phra Samut Jedi at Samutprakarn.

    Signatures on banknote

    Minister of Finance
    H.H. Prince Wiwatchai (11 Nov 1947 - 8 Apr 1948)