13th Series 50 Baht Thai Banknotes front
13th Series 50 Baht Thai Banknotes back

Appraisal price

  • Ordinary number signatures Weerapong-Chawalit UNC about 270 - 285 baht.
  • Ordinary number signatures Tharin-Wijit UNC about 130 - 150 baht.
  • Lucky number x000000 signatures Sommai-Kamjorn UNC about 5,900 - 6,100 baht.

    The price was updated on 17th November 2017

    Banknote Info

    The printing of banknotes, 13th Series, was intended to commemorate the Bicentenial celebration of Bangkok city in 1982, using vignetters of significant historic events of Bangkok as main subjects on the back of banknotes.

    However the printing could not be completed on time in 1982 even though the printing process were operated at full capacity. The printing of 50 baht denomination had to be delayed until a new printing press was installed in 1985.

    This 50 baht banknote was the first denominations of the 13th series banknotes. Bank of Thailand issued this type of banknotes on September 20th, 1985.

    The majority design of the banknote also be used in 2 next coming commemorative bankntes as follow;

  • Commemorative banknote on auspicious occasion of 90th birthday celebration of princess Mother in 1990.
  • Commemorative banknote on auspicious occasion of 50th anniversary of King Rama 9's accession to the throne that printed on polimer substrate in 1996.

    Banknote size

    7.20 x 14.40 cm.


    The main color of the banknote is blue. The main object is the image of King Rama 9 in the uniform of the Supreme Commander.


    The main object is the image of the statue of King Rama 7. The left side is the Anandasamakom throne hall.

    Signatures on banknote

    Minister of Finance
    Mr. Sommai Hoontrakoon (7 May 1983 - 10 Aug 1986)
    Mr. Sutee Singsaneh (11 Aug 1986 - 8 Aug 1988)
    Mr. Pramuan Sapawasu (9 Aug 1988 - 26 Aug 1990)
    Mr. Weerapong Ramangkura (26 Aug 1990 - 13 Dec 1990)
    Mr. Banharn Silapa-acha (14 Dec 1990 - 23 Feb 1991)
    Mr. Tharin Nimmanhemin (28 Sep 1992 - 17 Jul 1995)

    Governor of Bank of Thailand
    Mr. Kamjorn Satirakul (14 Sep 1984 - 5 Mar 1990)
    Mr. Chawalit Tanachanan (6 Mar 1990 - 30 Sep 1990)
    Mr. Wijit Supinit (1 Oct 1990 - 1 Jul 1996)

    Security features

    Raised ink, image watermark, security thread.