15th Series 1000 Baht Thai Banknotes front
15th Series 1000 Baht Thai Banknotes back

Appraisal price

  • Solid number special code (S) 1111111 UNC about 70,000 baht.
  • Fancy number x999999 signatures Somkid-Pridiyathorn UNC about 2,900 - 3,050 baht.

    The price was updated on 12th November 2017.

    Banknote Info

    The printing of banknotes, 15th Series, was intended to draw attention to the benevolent deeds of the monarchs of the Chakri Dynasty in their contribution to the development of agriculture, science, religion and finance.

    This 1000 baht banknote reflects the royal activities of His Majesty King Bhumibol (King Rama 9). The banknotes were issued on Nov 1st, 1999.

    Banknote size

    7.20 x 16.20 cm.


    The main color of the banknote is gray. The main object is the image of King Rama 9 in the uniform of the Supreme Commander.


    The main object is the image of King Rama 9. The left side is the Pasak Cholasit dam. The right side is the argriculture land managed in accordance with the new theory.

    Signatures on banknote

    Minister of Finance
    Mr. Tharin Nimmahemin (14 Nov 1997 - 16 Feb 2001)
    Mr. Somkid Jatusipitak (17 Feb 2001 - 8 Feb 2003)
    Capt. Suchart Chaowisit (8 Feb 2003 - 10 Mar 2004)
    Mr. Somkid Jatusipitak (10 Mar 2004 - 2 Aug 2005)
    Mr.Tanong Pitaya (2 Aug 2005 - 19 Sep 2006)

    Governor of Bank of Thailand
    M.R. Jatumongkol Sonakul (7 May 1998 - 30 May 2001)
    M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakul (31 May 2001 - 6 Oct 2006)

    Security features

    Raised ink, image watermark, security tread, puzzle number, black light color change ink, microtext, optically variable ink.