10 baht front
10 Baht Banknote (1980 - 1996)

20 baht front
20 Baht Banknote (1981 - 2002)

100 baht front
100 Baht Banknote (1978 - 1995)

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Banknote Info

The printing of banknotes, 12th Series, was intended to glorify Thai monarchs in history who have been honored with the title "the great". Their monuments were printed on the back of the banknotes.

The 12th series banknotes composed of 3 denominations; 10 baht, 20 baht and 100 baht. The 100 baht banknotes were the first issued in 1978.

Bank of Thailand initiated the front-back picture alignment on 12th series banknote. The top left Garuda on the front side is at the same position as the Garuda on the back side. When see it against light, the Garuda on the front and the back are exactly aligned.