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 Att ; The old Thai money currency unit that equal about 0.015 Baht.

 Att Kradad : The low value paper money that used in between 1974-1975

 Ayarapot ; The three-head elephant, the God Indra's vehicle. In hindu believe, it was born from milky ocean while the angels and demons were stirring the Kasira Samutra (Milky Ocean) to make the immortal water.

 Baht ; Thai money currency unit.

 Bai prarajtan Ngeontra ; Thai words ; Bai = sheet, prarajtan = royal bestow, Ngeontra = money

 Bia ; A kind of shell that was imported from India to use as low value money since 13th century.

 Chakri Dynasty ; The name of nowaday dynasty of Thailand kingdom.

 Chang ; The old Thai money currency unit that equal to 80 Baht.

 Fu ; The Chinese word on Thai papermoney , means to protect or to guard.

 Fuang ; The old Thai currency unit that equal to 0.125 Baht

 Khong River ; The river that flow from southern China through Laos, Burma, Thai, Cambodia to Thai gulf.

 King Mongkut ; The forth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty.

 Kradad ; "Paper" in Thai word.

 Mai ; The first Thai paper money that used since 1853.

 Major seal, Minor seal ; The specific symbols that use for only the Royal purpose.

 Ngeon Kradad Luang ; Thai words ; Ngeon = money, Kradad = paper, Luang = Royal

 Pee ; Porcelain chips which were insteadly used as money in gambling house and they could be return into money all the time.

 Pod Duang ; The steel bullet that produce to use as money since 13th century.

 Royal seal ; The Royal insignia that different to each king, for example , the Namkrung was for king Rama IV, the Phra Kiaw was for King Rama V.

 Salung ; Thai money currency unit that equal to 0.25 Baht. Still commonly use on local bus in bangkok.

 Siam ; The name of Thailand country before 1939

 Tamlung ; The old Thai money currency unit that equal to 4 Baht.

 Tical ; Assume that came from Arabic "Thagal", the old Thai money currency unit equal to 1 Baht.


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