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 The Modern Thai Banknote Issuance Period

          The issuance of Thai banknote kept the same way of India's banknote issuance which was based on the British Currency Acts.

          In 1900, Mr.W.J.F. Williamson, British officer, Ministry of finance of India, was called to work this project.

          The Siamese Currency Act was promulagated in 1902 and then ordered the British printing company to print the first series of banknotes in two years later.

Thai banknote 1st series ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑
Thai banknote 2nd series ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๒
Thai banknote 3rd series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๓
Thai banknote 4th series ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๔
Thai banknote 5th series ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๕
Thai banknote 6th series ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๖
Thai banknote 7th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๗
Thai banknote 8th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๘
Thai baanknote 9th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๙
Thai banknote 10th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑๐
Thai banknote 11th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑๑
Thai banknote 12th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑๒
Thai banknote 13th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑๓
Thai banknote 14th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑๔
Thai banknote 15th series  ธนบัตรไทย แบบ ๑๕


          Thai banknote are always change in design by series. The first bunch of Thai banknotes were printed from Messrs Thomas de la Rue & Company Limited in England. In 1939, Bank of Thailand (BOT) was established and took over the responsibilities in monetary policy and currency control.

          In WWII, due to the Thai Government allied itself to with Japan, the British printing company could not supply banknotes to the Axis, so Thai government requested the Japan government to print banknotes in 5th series.

          Anyway the banknote transportations always were attacked by the Allied, Thai government assigned The Royal Thai Survey Department (RTSD) to print banknotes by using local raw materials. Because of the remained high demand of banknotes, BOT also commissioned the Naval Hydrographic Department (NHD) to carry out additional printing. [more]




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