8th Series 20 Baht Thai Banknotes front
8th Series 20 Baht Thai Banknotes back

Appraisal price

  • Ordinary number signatures Wijit-Serm EF about 12,000 - 12,600 baht.
  • Ordinary number signatures Wijit-Serm VF about 6,600 - 7,000 baht.

    The price was updated on 5th December 2017

    Banknote Info

    The 8th series 20 baht banknotes were printed from USA after the end of world war 2. The paper used was that used for banknotes that were used by the US army as currency in the areas under their control in Europe at the end of the war. The paper had a watermark "MILITARY AUTHORITY". After supplies of this watermarked paper were exhausted, plain paper were used. To make it easy to verify and prevent forgery, Arabic numerals from 1-50 were printed in black ink at the lower right and upper left corners on the front.

    The 8th series 20 baht banknotes were announced on 25th December 1946.

    Banknote size

    6.60 x 15.60 cm.

    Serial code and number

    D 00000001 A - D 15200000 A


    The main object is the image of King Rama 8 on the left. The middle image is Phra Patomjedi. The serial code and number were the same as American banknotes that is an alphabetical letter before and after an 8-digit number.


    The main object is the constitution on the pedestal tray.

    Signatures on banknote

  • Sriwisarn - Serm
  • Wijit - Serm

    Minister of Finance
    Phraya Sriwisarnwaja (2 Feb 1946 - 24 Mar 1946)
    Mr. Wijit Lulitanon (24 Aug 1946 - 8 Nov 1947)

    Governor of Bank of Thailand
    Mr. Serm Winitchaikul (17 Oct 1946 - 24 Nov 1947)

    Security features

    Watermark, verified number.