20 Baht type 1 front
20 Baht type 1 back

Appraisal price

  • Ordinary number signature Leng UNC about 21,000 - 22,500 baht.
  • Ordinary number signature Leng VF about 18,000 - 19,000 baht.

    The price was updated on 10th December 2017.

    Banknote Info

    During the World War 2, the number of banknotes were not enough as well as they were quickly worn out because some of them were the domestic printed notes that were printed on poor quality. The government commissioned the Naval Hydrographic Department to carry out additional printing by used the paper from the Thai Paper Mill in Kanchanaburi.

    The 6th series 20 baht banknotes type 1 is identical to the 4th series 20 baht (Thomas) but printed the guilloche design with only pink ink in order to shorten the process and saved ink.

    The notes that printed by the Royal Thai Survey Department have "Royal Thai Survey" at middle low whereas those by the Naval Hydrographic Department have nothing.

    The 6th series 20 Baht type 1 banknotes were announced on 26th March 1945.

    The Minister of Finance later announced on 20th November 1945 to withdraw the 6th series 20 banknotes from 1st December 1946.

    Banknote size

    8.70 x 14.70 cm.

    Serial code and number

    Start from P 1


    The main object is the image of King Rama 8 on the left. The middle image is the Dusidapirom Pavilion and Chakri Mahaprasart Throne Hall at the Grand Palace. The serial code and number were printed with red ink.


    The main object is the Anandasamakom throne hall.

    Signatures on banknote

    Minister of Finance
    Mr. Leng Srisomwong (10 Jan 1945 - 31 Aug 1945)
    Mr. Direk Chainam (1 Sep 1945 - 1 Feb 1946)