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 13th Series Thai banknotes

          Banknotes, 13th Series, were issued in only two denominations (50 Baht and 500 Baht) to commemorate the Bicentennial Celebration of Bangkok city in 1982, using vignettes of significant historical events of bangkok as main subjects on the back of banknotes.

50 Baht Thai banknote 13th Series   ธนบัตรไทย ๕๐ บาท แบบ ๑๓ ด้านหน้า
500 Baht Thai banknote 13th Series   ธนบัตรไทย ๕๐๐ บาท แบบ ๑๓ ด้านหลัง
          However, the printing could not be completed on time in 1982 even though the printing process were operated at full capacity. The printing of the 13th Series had to be delayed until a new printing press was installed in 1985.



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