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 The foreign bank's banknotes

          The international trade in the reign of King Rama V enormously grew up so that the coin production could not meet the high demand. while the government was trying to solve this problem, the three foreign banks in Siam requested the permissions to issue their own banknotes to clear the business transaction between their customers.  

HSBC's Banknote บัตรธนาคารเอช เอส บี ซี
Charterd bank's banknote บัตรธนาคารชาร์เตอร์
Banque de L'Indo-Chine's banknote บัตรธนาคารอินโดจีน

          The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, The Chartered Bank of India Australia & China, The Banque de L'Indo-Chine had sequencely launched their banknote since 1889. These banknotes were used in limited scope among the foreign merchants, not in public nationwide, because the government did not oblige to accept these notes as a legal.  

          After the first Thai banknote issuance In 1902, all foreign's banknotes were withdraw from circulation. Anyway most Thai people get used to call the government issued banknote as "Bank" like they had ever called for foreign's banknote in short word.


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