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Treasury opened the booking of HM commemorative coins

  Mrs. Puntip Surathin, the director general of the Treasury Department, announced the opening of the booking of commemorative coins and medals to honor His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej in an occasion of the 80th Birthday Anniversary of Majesty the King on December 5 2007, started from July 2 2007 to August 15 2007, at the treasury's institutes, all branches of Krung Thai Bank and via the e-catalog system at, at Meeting Room 602, the Treasury Department, June 28 2007.

Commemorative coin เหรียญกษาปณ์ที่ระลึก
Commemorative coin เหรียญกษาปณ์ที่ระลึก
Golden coins
Golden medals
15 Grams, Diameter 26 mm., 99%Gold
240 Grams, Diameter 60 mm., 99%Gold
16,000 Baht, 18,000 Baht (Polished)
300,000 Baht (Polished)
Commemorative coin เหรียญกษาปณ์ที่ระลึก
Commemorative coin เหรียญกษาปณ์ที่ระลึก
Silver coins
Bronze coins
22 Grams, Diameter 35 mm., 99%Silver
13 Grams, Diameter 30 mm.
800 Baht, 1,400 Baht(Polished)
50 Baht
Commemorative coin เหรียญกษาปณ์ที่ระลึก
Nigle coins
15 Grams, Diameter 32 mm.
20 Baht, 200 Baht(Polished)

Treasury Department, Minister of Finance , June 29th, 2007


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